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Where are they now?

Right Fit Future has helped students apply to universities, competitive fellowships, and careers in 30+ countries all around the world.

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Phillip has a network of 300+ universities that he has connected with at various conferences around the world, on campus visits and counselor-fly ins, and from university visits/tours that have come through his various schools. These relationships with universities have served students that work with Phillip well, getting quick answers to questions and fast-track support directly from the sources.

Phillip has lived and worked in 5 countries across 4 continents as well as visiting nearly 70 countries on his own personal travels. These life and cultural experiences allow Phillip to incorporate geographic location and experiences into his conversations to ensure that any destination for a client is truly a right-fit for them.


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“Phillip really made the college process less stressful, helping me put my personality and story on paper and know what the college admission’s officers are truly seeking. I received over 10 acceptances and 300k in scholarships!” – Tiffany, Drexel University


“I’ve never had such amazing support like this in my entire life!” – Tony, Purdue University 


“Thank you for being such an amazing counselor and helping make this process calm! You’re an amazing mentor and have impacted me so positively. Thank you for always looking out for me!” – Adriana, George Washington University

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