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Post Grad Certificate in College Counseling

Professional Educator’s License

Fulbright Scholar Alumni

Times Higher Education Accredited Counsellor 

BA & MFA in English, Writing, & Education

Phillip Wenturine, originally from Florida, is a university counselor and education consultant with a passion for helping students and fellow educators in their future endeavors. A former Fulbright Scholar, Phillip also holds a Bachelor’s in English/Education, a Master’s in Writing, and a post-grad certificate in College Counseling. He is also a committee member for the International Association of College Admissions Counseling and an Advisory Board Member for Times Higher Education.


While currently based in Europe, Phillip has worked as a teacher, administrator, undergraduate admissions reader, and university consultant in the USA, China, Portugal, Vietnam, and Dubai in the UAE. Having over a decade of experience in education and university admissions across various country systems and curriculums has allowed Phillip to deeply understand the nuances of different countries and their application processes. He has helped thousands of local and international students apply to colleges and universities globally with high success, really emphasizing the ability to make what could be a stressful process simplified and enjoyable. Additionally, Phillip’s background in writing really helps him as he guides students to find their voice and their story and script it out for the college essay component needed in many applications.

Whether it is applying to the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Korea, other countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, or New Zealand/Australia, Right Fit Future will guide students through the process to get them to their right-fit, dream destinations for university, careers, and beyond. He also helps aspiring educators become inspired to begin their education career abroad or pivot into new roles outside the classroom. If the above applies to you or you'd like to collaborate, please get in touch.

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